Third Annual Las Vegas International Accordion Convention
We are fortunate this year to have a truly historic gathering of accordion legends. I want to personally thank them for their gracious fellowship. We honor Myron Floren, our 2002 Honorary Director, and welcome our returning 2001 Honorary Director, Dick Contino, and our 2000 Honorary Director, Art Van Damme. We also recognize the lifetime achievement of our great friend, Anthony Galla-Rini, and the immense musical contributions of our featured guest artist, Frank Marocco. These talented people are also amazingly gifted performers, and the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention salutes each of them! – Paul Pasquali

This year's event featured:

  • Myron Floren – Honorary Conductor
  • Dick Contino
  • Art Van Damme
  • Anthony Galla-Rini
  • Peter Soave
  • Gina & Romany Rye – Masters of Ceremonies
  • Mady Soave
  • Frank Marocco
  • Gordon Kohl
  • Tony Lovello
  • Steve Albini
  • Julien Labro
  • Ron Borelli
  • AbsolutAccord
  • Joe Vento
  • John Bonica
  • Bonnie Birch
  • Mirco Patarini
  • Paul Pasquali — Host and Founder
  • Dale E. Wise
  • Count Guido Roberto Deiro