2015 Review

The 16th Annual Las Vegas International Accordion Convention!
The goal for the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention has always been to bring respect to the accordion by presenting the highest quality entertainment and educational seminar classes in a professional manner. To this end this year’s event was a great success. The event began on June 21 – the Summer Solstice - with a magical moment provided by Merlin the Wizard (Bill Palmer) who unveiled the Convention stage banner to open the event. We can say for 2015 the accordion stars were truly aligned and many felt this was the best event ever with something for everyone from start to finish!

Riders in the Sky came onstage after Merlin and gave a five star performance at our Monday welcome concert. For many this was worth the price of admission alone to see this Grammy award-winning group perform in an intimate concert setting.

Our grand finale featured five-time world champion Grayson Masefield. Grayson’s performance displayed a stunning show of technique and musical artistry. His program included a delightful variety of music, which captivated the audience and brought them to their feet.

Each morning began with classes and workshops followed by a luncheon program. Afternoons were again filled with classes and orchestra rehearsals. Each evening included a dinner with a concert. These exceptional concerts featured Grayson Masefield, Joey Miskulin, Walter Ostanek, Mary Tokarski, Stas Venglevski, Joan Sommers, The Europa Trio, Pete Barbutti, Paul Betken & Jerry Cigler Duet, Gordon Kohl, Chuck Henry, Gina Brannelli and our grand finale performance by the Las Vegas International Accordion Orchestra. This orchestra is made up of attendees who volunteer their talent to be a part of the orchestra under the direction of Professor Joan Sommers. Each of these concerts was planned to showcase the musical versatility of the accordion, whether it be Country, Broadway, Jazz, Classic, Polka or Rock.

Attendees are encouraged to take the stage at Club Concerto in an intimate cabaret setting after the evening concert. Many of these after hour concerts continued until the wee hours of the morning.

The Las Vegas International Accordion Convention has for 16 years brought the best in accordion entertainment and education to Las Vegas with professional lighting and sound to create a week of magic for those attending. This year we saw attendees from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, France, almost every province of Canada, Mexico and from all over the United States.
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