The Year of the Accordion!
From the program:

Another year has come and gone – it seems just yesterday that I was talking to Art Van Damme about forming the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention – that was March of 1998! Art was in large part the reason we are all here today. It was through Art's encouragement that I found the strength to bring together this great event. We are all here to celebrate life and the accordion as a tribute to Art! – Paul Pasquali

This year featured:

  • Frank Marocco – Honorary Director
  • Joan Cochran Sommers – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Dick Contino
  • Pete Barbutti
  • Carl Fortina
  • Corky Bennett
  • Peter & Mady Soave
  • Michael Bridge
  • Anthony Rolando & Valerie Vacca
  • Kim & Dan Christian
  • Bruce Gassman
  • Sylvia Marie Barber
  • Alex Sevastian
  • Gordon Kohl
  • Liz Finch
  • Shelia Lee
  • Gina Brannelli – Hostess
  • Paul Pasquali – Host and Founder